Ironstone Livi 50

We are pleased to present all of the submissions for the Livi 50 project.

The submissions received were diverse in style and in content.  We all had our favourites, and were drawn to particular pieces for different reasons.

We hope that you find some here that ring true for you.

Please scroll down to read them all.



Trish Barry

‘This New Town will do for a year or two,’ we said. Meanwhile we two became five and we planted a garden. I thought, ‘roots bind.’ Two years became ten then twenty. And after 50 the three are grown; all four have flown, and I remain seasoned and rooted in the soil of Livingston.

Irene Brown

A can still see thon wean takin a hammer tae the waa in the street’s common gairden, an his fowk sittin watchin in thir ain wee rose gairden o the hoose they’d juist bought aff the LDC wi a mortgage that low it wis aff the bank’s scale.

Margaret Stewart

First home together 1968

Building site- bleak flats
No way in
Tinned chicken- no tin-opener
No way in
Muddy paths- skylark song
Clean air
Cloud procession- daffodil host
Clean air
Hymn singing- costume sewing
Life sharing
Swapping curtains- building floats
Life sharing
50 years
No way back

June Sharp

Agronomy to Economy

Land was farmed by dads in days gone by.
Cattle roamed around the open fields.
Commerce cleared our meadows, watched our pastures die,
to build the greatest market in the land.

But Livingston, our new town, will live on
in major triumph for the British Isles,
even though those precious fields have gone
and beauty is in architects’ designs.

Grace Cleary

Livi – built fur fleein folk faeGlesga’s overspill.

They arrived in droves in left twinty minutes later screamin – ‘naeshoaps’ – ‘naebliddy buses’ – ‘too much gress’ – ‘too near Embra.’

The wansthitsteyed grew tae luv – ‘oor new pals’ – ‘the pioneerin’ – ‘wains in prams outside oor ain frunt doors.’

Jenifer Harley

As the early sun dried the morning dew, young and old, the fit and the not so fit, climbed or scrambled up Dechmont Law.  Many had never seen 6 am before so the thrill of achieving such a goal was exhilarating.  Looking over Livingston and West Lothian was wonderful.